Honorary Membership

The AATI Honorary Membership (Socio Onorario) award recognizes individuals who have achieved international stature in the area of Italian studies, but who are not members of the AATI. The awardee receives honorary membership status in the AATI on the nomination by the Executive Council, subject to such limitation as may be stated in the By-laws. The award carries the waiver of the annual membership fee and has no term limit.

Honorary Membership Photo

The Association may award up to t (but may also decide not to award any) Honorary Memberships in a given year.

The Honorary Membership Award sub-committee will determine if there are suitable candidates in the given year and will present recommendations (if there are any) to the Executive Committee for approval.

As part of the recommendation, the Honorary Membership Award sub-committee must submit a rationale explaining why the individual deserves the award and a current curriculum vitae. The nominee must NOT be made aware that he or she is being considered for the award and that their curriculum vitae is being sought.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

The Recipients of the AATI Honorary Membership Awards


  • 2017 Joseph Sciorra
  • 2017 Giovanni Ruffino
  • 2016 Fred Gardaphé
  • 2016 Luca Serianni
  • 2015 Nicoletta Maraschio
  • 2015 Katerin Katerinov
  • 2011 Tullio De Mauro
  • 2004 Massimo Vedovelli
  • 2003 Vittore Branca
  • 2001 Paolo Balboni
  • 2000 Paola Bianchi De Vecchi
  • 1998 Vincenzo Consiglio
  • 1998 Gianclaudio Macchiarella
  • 1997 Ado Bove
  • 1997 Riccardo Campa
  • 1996 Antonio Augenti
  • 1996 Vincenzo Cappelletti
  • 1995 Giorgio Spitella
  • 1995 Mauro Barni
  • 1990 Paula Savino Alleva
  • 1987 Remo Ceserani
  • 1985 Ezio Raimondi
  • 1982 Domenica De Robertis
  • 1982 Gianfranco Contini
  • 1982 Gianfranco Folena
  • 1982 Piero Bigongiari
  • 1936 Giulio Bertoni
  • 1925 E. G. Gardner
  • 1925 Henri Hauvetter
  • 1925 Pio Rajna

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