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Società Onoraria Italica (SOI)

If you are having issues accessing the site for the SOI, ordering materials, or renewing your membership, please review ALL the FAQs here BEFORE emailing the Honor Society or the AATI. Please note that the Società Onoraria Italica (SOI) is a separate organization that is run by its president and board. If you have issues regarding shipping, ordering materials, or other issues related to this organization, you should email societaonorariait@gmail.com, not the AATI. The AATI is responsible only for issues related to AATI membership.

Before continuing, please also confirm that you are visiting our new website (https://aati-online.org/nationalitalian-honor-society/) and that you have logged in using your AATI membership credentials. You will not be able to order materials or apply for a new chapter if you are not logged in on the site above: https://aationline.org/membership-login/

The website is not working! What do I do?
I am on the main page of the new AATI website, but I do not see an option for the Società onoraria italica (SOI). How do I find that page?

You have two options. First, click here: https://aati-online.org/national-italian-honor-society/. Second, if you are logged in and want to find the page manually, follow these instructions:

From the main menu on the top of the page:

  1. Click Resources
  2. Locate the K-12 section on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click the third option: National Italian Honor Society

National Honor Society menu option menu display

How do I order materials for the società onoraria italica? (Certificate, pins, etc.)

You can order materials and start a chapter through the order form here: https://aati-online.org/nationalitalian-honor-society-application/ However, you must be:

  1. An AATI member in good standing, and
  2. logged into your AATI account before you can access the order form.
I am on the new site, and I cannot access the SOI order form.

In order to access the order form, you must first log into your AATI account and then proceed to the order form.

AATI Membership Login screen

How do I renew my AATI membership? I only see JOIN NOW.

You can just use the JOIN NOW button to pay for your membership renewal. Right now, one button will do both, even though it is not expressly stated. We are working on a separate renew option, but for the time being just use JOIN NOW.

I joined the AATI, but I never received a confirmation of my membership.

Currently, our system is not able to send confirmation emails. We expect that this will be fixed before next year’s renewal period.

Once you make a payment via PayPal*, your membership will be processed within 24 hours. Please make sure to save a copy or take a screen shot of the payment on PayPal.

After 24 hours, please return to the AATI site and login to your account. At that point, you should be able to see your updated membership. If after 24 hours, you do not see that your membership expiry date has been updated, please send an email, with screen shot and PayPal receipt to treasurer@aati-online.org.

Where is the form to start a chapter of the SOI?

To start a chapter, you will use the same form to order supplies. There is a question that allows you to fill in the new chapter “application” on the form, so you can start the chapter and order supplies at the same time.


AATI Honor Society Application Graphic Example 001
AATI Honor Society Application Graphic Example 002

I have ordered materials (pins, certificates, etc), where are they?

You will need to reach out to the SOI’s President, Lucrezia Lindia to locate your materials. The AATI has nothing to do with the processing, fulfilling, or shipping of the SOI materials.

I have reviewed all the FAQs and tried everything suggested above, but I am still having problems.

We are sorry you are still having problems with the SOI pages on the AATI website. Please send a detailed email in either English or Italian, along with a screenshot, if possible, to info@aati-online.org. This email address is checked more frequently and by more people. Please allow 72 hours for a response.