AATI International Conference 2024

Join Us in Perugia for the AATI 2024 Annual Conference!

June 20-22, 2024

June 19: Pre-conference Workshops!

June 23: Post-Conference Optional Excursions

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Welcome to the AATI National Conference Page. For detailed information on the conference, including how to register, please explore the tabs below.

2024 AATI International Conference Program

We are so excited to hold our 2024 annual conference in Perugia at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia. In the tabs above you can find out more information and details about the upcoming conference. Please note that in order to register for the conference, you must be an AATI member in good standing for 2024. You will not be able to access the registration page until your membership is current. Please make sure to renew your membership or join today, before trying to register for the conference.

The conference program will be available in mid-March on the website.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates!

If you have questions, please email aaticonferencecommittee@gmail.com.

Thank you!

The AATI Conference Committee



NB. All conference participants must fill out the Conference Registration Form (Conference Extras Tab) before arriving in Perugia.


2024 AATI Conference Registration & Payment

The American Association of Teachers of Italian strives to provide exceptional resources and support to educators of the Italian language. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching and fostering a strong community of professionals who are passionate about Italian language and culture. At the conference, you will have access to invaluable networking opportunities, expert-led workshops, and stellar keynote speakers. Elevate your teaching skills and stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies and best practices, while staying abreast of the latest research in Italian studies. Together, let's inspire our students to explore the beauty and richness of the Italian language. Register now and unlock a world of possibilities with the American Association of Teachers of Italian.


We invite you to review the following information, before proceeding to payment.

  1. Prices will increase on April 30, 2024, at midnight CST.
  2. Conference registration ends on June 10, 2024, at 11:59 CST.
  3. We will not be able to take onsite payments in Perugia. Registration MUST be completed before coming to the conference.
  4. Please make sure you choose the registration type (Regular/Emeriti/Contingent/Graduate) that reflects your membership. See below.
  5. Please direct questions about the conference (sessions, schedule, excursions, etc) to the AATI Conference Committee
  6. Website issues should be directed to info@aati-online.org .

Here is a quick review of each type of registration:

      • Regular Member: Full-time employment, Tenured, Tenure Track, permanent contract
      • Emeriti/Retired: Formerly employed, retired and/or carrying the title of emeritus.
      • Contingent Faculty: Part/full-time employment, non-permanent contract.
      • Students: Students actively enrolled in an BA, MA, DML, EdD, PHD program, or other higher ed degree program.


Now - through April 30:

  • Regular Members: $160
  • Emeriti/Retired: $110
  • Contingent or Part-time Faculty: $80
  • Graduate Students: $55
  • Undergraduate Students: $50

May 1 - June 10 (Registration Closing):

  • Regular Members: $185
  • Emeriti/Retired: $135
  • Contingent or Part-time Faculty: $95
  • Graduate Students: $70
  • Undergraduate Students: $65

WORKSHOPS: All workshops are free to attend.

Workshop 1: Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 2:45-4:15 pm

Location: AULA VI

Title: Gameful L2 Design in Theory and Practice: "Lonely Planet"

  • Organizers & Presenters: Camilla Zamboni, Wesleyan University, Alessia Caviglia, Università di Foggia
  • Description: In this workshop, we will focus on connecting theory and practice while exploring a series of “gameful” design principles for L2 pedagogical materials aimed at increasing engagement, agency, and meaningful L2 oral practice in our classrooms. We will outline key concepts of game-based learning and gamification that offer meaningful affordances for L2 acquisition, and we will then apply these concepts to existing or new activities from our classrooms. Participants will engage in practical activities to reflect on their teaching materials and practice how to make them more “gameful.”We will also discuss what Jonathon Reinhardt calls Game-Based L2TL – that is, creating games specifically designed for L2 Teaching and Learning (Reinhardt 2019), and we will discuss a specific example, a tabletop roleplaying game that we created for Italian L2 classrooms called Planétes – which is aimed at students at A2/B1 level (CEFR) and touches on topics of city life, interpersonal relations, travel, migration, prejudice, and reflection. Participants will receive a copy of the game text and will be able to ask questions about its classroom implementation.Workshop objectives:
    • To discuss and present gameful approaches for L2 teaching and learning
    • To explore and put into practice these approaches, working on existing or new activities in L2 classrooms
    • To learn about a newly-created language learning tabletop roleplaying game project, Planétes, and discuss its potential implementation in our courses

Please Sign-up in advance:

Workshop 2: Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 4:30-6:00 pm

Location: AULA VI


  • Organizer & Presenter: Roberta Pennasilico,  Naples High School
  • Description: In this workshop, we will focus on a pedagogical strategy to assess students’ performances in speaking activities and improve interpersonal communication in Italian classes at the novice and intermediate levels.  Italian instructors employ L2 oral practice in the classroom on a daily basis so that students must use the language creatively to communicate in familiar and unfamiliar situations.  In this workshop, we will show how to utilize examples of interpersonal speaking activities to measure students’ progress and therefore plan possible interventions to facilitate L2 acquisition.  We will thus indicate how to collect evidence of students’ outputs and reflect on the data, in order to use them for scaffolding and differentiated lessons to meet students’ individual needs.  We will outline the structures of the conversations specifically designed for this purpose and the self-evaluation form that students will use in these oral activities.   We will show how to apply these structures to various topics and different levels of difficulty.

    We will also engage participants in reflections and activities to discuss how to incorporate this tool to their materials and teaching units.  At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a copy of the conversations used and will be able to ask questions about the strategy and its implementation in the classroom.

    Workshop objectives:

    • To show how to measure and assess the interpersonal mode of communication

    • To discuss how to use the collected evidence for possible interventions

    • To share the form that students use to self-evaluate their performance

    • To learn how to implement driven conversations on diverse topics

Please Sign-up in advance:

Workshop 3: Friday, June 21, 2024, 4:30-6:00 pm (Registration Required)
All Conference Attendees are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend this workshop, sponsored by the AATI. 
Location: AULA MAGNA
Title: Program Advocacy
  • Organizers & Presenters: Amanda Seewald, Executive Director, JNCL-NCLIS and Alissa Rutkowski, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Membership, JNCL-NCLIS
    • Learn more about the Joint National Committee for Languages / National Council for Languages and International Studies here.
  • Description: The goal of this session is to engage, empower, and equip attendees with essential advocacy training. Attendees will walk away from the experience empowered with the understanding of themselves as advocates, equipped with the tools and strategies to take action where they are, and engaged with different concepts of how advocacy can broaden, sustain, and protect language programs. Friday’s workshop will be followed by individualized meetings on Saturday to best prepare each attendee.

    Participants will:

    • learn how to be an advocate and hone their story.

    • identify and articulate the specific challenges faced in Italian and what information is needed to develop advocacy resources

    • receive guided planning and design to kickoff their advocacy at their institution

Please Sign-up in advance:

 Hotel consigliati 

Hotel Brufani 

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Mail: sinabrufani@sinahotels.com 

Indirizzo: Piazza Italia, 12 

Distanza: 12 minuti (800 metri) 

Categoria: 5 stelle 

Tariffe: Prezzi speciali per Conferenza AATI (da specificare in sede di prenotazione via mail

Camera doppia uso singolo Superior - Euro 150,00 

Camera doppia matrimoniale Superior - Euro 190,00 

Camera doppia uso singolo De-Luxe - Euro 180,00 

Camera doppia matrimoniale De-Luxe - Euro 220,00 

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Camera doppia: 158 euro a notte - 15% sconto conferenza (da comunicare via mail) = 134,30 euro 


Hotel Fortuna 

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Hotel Bonazzi 

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Categoria: 3 stelle 


Camera doppia uso singolo Euro 78,00 al giorno 

Camera doppia/matromoniale Euro 98,00 al giorno 

Camera tripla Euro 118,00 al giorno 

Updated: 19 June 2024


Please be sure to review the information below and to complete the Registration Conference Registration form by 19 June 2024, so we have an accurate head count, correct spelling of your name, and any food allergies/intolerances/dietary needs.

I. Excursions/Gite:

Please click here to access the Excursions information, as well as to sign up and pay for them. All excursion arrangements will be handled by the staff at Università per Stranieri di Perugia. If you have questions about the excursions, please reach out to Valentina Carbonara at valentina.carbonara@unistrapg.it.

II. Conference Extras:

  1. Conference Program - Euro 4,60/$5.00
    • The deadline for ordering a hard copy of the conference program was June 15, 2024.
    • Please access the conference program here: 2024 International Conf. Program.
  2. Gala Dinner Ticket - Euro 55/$60.00 pp.

III. Conference Registration Form:

  1. All attendees are requested to complete the registration form (separate from registration payment) by June 15, 2024.
    • Click here for English.
    • Clicca qua per italiano.

Are you interested in participating in the AATI conference as a vendor? If so, please see below for the list of opportunities available to vendors only! This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available. In the meantime, if you are a vendor with questions, please direct them to: aaticonferencecommittee@gmail.com


Conference Table – per conference

  • $300 per table – includes table (size TBA) and ½ page program ad (both print and digital)

Conference Table Plus Individual Presenters – For those purchasing tables, who are also presenting during a conference session, please see specially discounted rates below:

  • Table + 1 conference presenter/attendee         $395
  • Table + 2 conference presenters/attendees     $480
  • Table + 3 conference presenters/attendees     $560

Conference Programs (Ad in program, if not a table exhibitor)

  • $75/half page
  • $125/whole page

Travel Grant Sponsor

$500 / 750 / 1000 grants – Vendors may sponsor up to 4 grants. Grant awardees are selected by the conference committee. Travel grant sponsorships will be publicized in both the conference program and on the conference webpage.

Travel grants help defer the costs of travel for AATI members who lack funding from other sources and without which they could not attend the conference. Please consider sponsoring one or more of these grants. (In addition, this year, we have 5 undergraduates who need assistance and will be presenting at their first conference ever.)

Send an email to Daniele DeFeo: vpuni@aati-online.org

Website – 1-year

$1,000 for a logo on the main page

Interested in advertising in the AATI's premiere journal, Italica? Contact Ryan Calabretta-Sajder: rcalabretta@gmail.com 

Click here to purchase vendor products.

2024 Travel Grant Guidelines




This year we will be offering eight $500 travel grants. We have allocated two grants for each of the following categories:

●      K-12 teachers;

●      Contingent faculty (full-time, non-tenure track, limited term appointment);

●      Adjunct faculty (part-time, limited-term appointment); 

      Undergraduate and Graduate students (currently enrolled in a, BA, MA or PhD, or other terminal degree program).

NB: In the event that there are fewer than two applicants in a given category, the remaining grant(s) will be allocated to the category with the most applicants.

NB: Tenure track and tenured post-secondary faculty are not eligible for AATI conference travel grants



In order to be eligible for an AATI Travel Grant, the applying AATI member:

●      must be an AATI member for the past 3 consecutive years;

○      Graduate students applying must be a member for at least one full year;

●      may not have received any grants from AATI in 2022 and 2023;

●      must have a total annual salary of less than $50,000;

●      must have travel expenses that exceed $500;

●      must have requested funding from your home institution;

●      must serve on an AATI committee of their choosing for a 1-year term (begins January 1 of the following year).

○      Conference Committee (ACTFL)

○      Conference Committee (AATI)

○      Membership Committee

How to apply:

Applications for travel grants will only be accepted via the link below. In order for your application to be considered complete, you must include/attach the following:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A letter of intent (1-2 pp.) that includes the following:

●     a brief description of the importance of this conference for your work;

●     a proposed budget for the trip;

●     a list of additional funding sources pursued and amounts received;

●     a brief statement of financial need.

  1. A brief statement (1 p.) from your thesis director/department chair/school principal

●     This statement should confirm good standing (graduate students); status of active employment and whether departmental funding is available (contingent faculty / K-12 teachers). To facilitate the process, you may want to compose a statement yourself and submit it for approval/signature.

 NB: Incomplete applications will be ineligible for consideration for a travel grant.

How do I register for the conference?

  1. Login to your AATI Member account here: MEMBER LOGIN.
  2. Once logged in, come back to this page.
  3. Review the important information on the registration tab of this page.
  4. Scroll down and click "Register for the Conference" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. You will be taken to the registration page, where you can choose your type of registration and pay.
  6. Please be sure to take a screenshot of your payment confirmation page for your records.

Do I have to be a member of the AATI to participate in the AATI Conference?

Yes, the AATI Annual International Conference is reserved for AATI members only.

How do I renew my membership or join the AATI?

Please click here to renew your membership or join the AATI. Once on the membership page, scroll down to view all options and choose the one that best applies to your professional situation.

Is it possible to register for the conference in person?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot take any payments on site. Please use your credit or debit card to register in advance for the conference, as well as pay for any extras, such excursions, the gala dinner, or a program.

I am confused about the registration types, how do I know which one to choose?

You should purchase the conference registration that matches your membership type:

Member Type Conference Registration Type
Full-time Instructor (TT and Tenured) Regular
Full-time Instructor (non-TT, visiting, term-limited) Contingent or Part-time
Retired  Emeriti/Retired
Emeritus Emeriti/Retired
Part-time Instructor Contingent or Part-time
Student (Undergraduate and Graduate) Student
Lifetime (TT and Tenured) Regular
Lifetime (non-TT, visiting, term-limited) Contingent or Part-time
Institution/Vendor Regular - if not purchasing a table, otherwise see Vendor Tab on the main conference page.
Spouse Same rate as member

How do I apply for a travel grant?

The travel grant application will be posted soon under the "Travel Grants" tab of this page. Please be on the look out for the forthcoming announcement on the AATI listserv and our social media platforms.

What's the AATI listserv mentioned above and how do I sign up for it?

 Please click here to sign up for the AATI listserv so you do not miss any news on the conference!

How do I find the AATI on social media?

AATI can be found on the following platforms:

When will the conference program be published?

The conference program will be published online in mid-late March. We expect that it will go through several revisions after the initial post. We will update it weekly as needed.

Once published, where can I find the conference program?

You will be able to find the conference program on the conference website. Once posted, you will be able to download the program and print it out to bring to the conference. You may also feel free to provide the link to your school or university as proof of your participation in the conference.

How do I get a copy of the conference program?

The conference program will be available online for download by conference participants. Alternatively, you may purchase a hard copy of the program to be picked up in Catania for $5 via the Excursions & Extras tab on this page. 

Why isn’t AATI providing a copy of the program for each attendee?

As of 2024, the AATI Conference Committee has made the decision to hold conferences that are as environmentally friendly as possible.  You can read more about this and the changes that you will see, here (coming soon). In addition, our host this year, L’Università per Stranieri di Perugia, is a Green Campus. You can read more about the university’s commitment to sustainability here.

Finally, while we are willing to print a program for you, for the small fee of $5, we will be donating the surplus of that fee (the difference between the fee and the cost to print and ship the program to Perugia) to a tree-planting charity chosen by the AATI-EC, in order to offset the carbon emissions produced by the production of paper and printing of the program. 

Are there any pre-conference workshops this year and are they included in the fee?

Yes! There will be at least two pre-conference workshops this year. They will be announced as soon as possible. The pre-conference workshops will take place on Wednesday (June 19) afternoon. 

Yes! The workshops are free and all are welcome! We only ask that you register for the workshops by June 1, 2024 so the organizers can plan ahead for your attendance and participation. As soon as the workshops are confirmed, a registration form will be available via this page.

Can I bring my friend, parent, colleague, etc. to the conference to watch my presentation?

In general, only registered and paid participants can attend the conference, however, we understand that on occasion, we all want to invite some personal VIPs to our sessions. Therefore, guests may attend one session for free. Beyond that, they should pay up front for a regular registration on the website.

Upon arrival, guests will be asked to check in and get a name tag, on which the number and location of the session they are attending, will be printed.

Where will the final banquet dinner be and how much will it cost?

Information about the final banquet dinner will be posted in early April.

I have specific dietary needs/issues. 

Please fill out this google form by June 1, 2024.


TROUBLESHOOTING CONFERENCE REGISTRATION ISSUES. Please try each option in the order that they appear. We have listed the least complicated fixes first.

Option 1:
  1. Try using your username instead of your email address to login. Your username will have the same has the same password as your email address.
Option 2:
  1. Reset your AATI member password using the link on the login page.
  2. Login with your new password.
  3. If this does not work, please email info@aati-online.org and ask for another password reset. Please do not try to reset your password multiple times from the website. 
Option 3 (Try after resetting password):
  1. Log out of aati-online.org
  2. Close all browser tabs.
  3. Clear browser history and cookies.
  4. Turn off your ad-blocker.
  5. Disable VPN if you are using one.
  6. Reopen the browser.
  7. Navigate back to aati-online.org
  8. Log back in.
  9. Return to the Registration page and try again
Option 4:
If none of the above options work, take a screenshot of the error page - please make sure that the URL is showing in the screenshot. Please send screenshots and a brief message about the error you encountered to info@aati-online.org .
We will follow up with you and if necessary provide you with a direct invoice for the registration payment.


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